Equality and Responsibility

This workshop seeks papers that address the following tension. On the one hand, it seems important, or even crucial, that egalitarians cater to responsibility. On the other hand, the strand of thought most commonly associated with combining egalitarianism and responsibility, luck egalitarianism, faces a series of well-known objections, on the grounds that it permits pernicious material or status inequalities and on the grounds that it fails to appropriately define responsibility or to successfully draw the distinction between luck and responsibility.

Thus, this workshop invites papers that help to clarify the way forwards for those of us attracted to combining equality and responsibility. The organisers encourage papers that consider: 1) Whether (and why) catering to responsibility is essential/desirable for egalitarians 2) Whether current accounts of responsibility catering egalitarianism can or should be modified to meet existing objections 3) How best to understand the pre-conditions and limits of responsibility within an egalitarian responsibility-sensitive theory.


Emily McTernan                                                                                         emm51@cam.ac.uk

Liam Shields                                                                            liam.shields@manchester.ac.uk


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