Workshop Details (L-Z)

Legitimacy, Authority and Political Obligation Massimo Renzo/Chris Bennet
Liberalism and Consensus Matt Jones
Marxism Mark Cowling
Methods In Practice Jens Olesen
Niccolo Machiavelli: Politics, Philosophy, Law Filippo Del Lucchese
Nietzsche and Political Theory Barry Stocker/Manuel Knoll
Normative Justification for the Welfare State Xavier Landes/Karsten Klint Jensen
Political Liberalism: 20 years on Peri Roberts
Political Possibility Gunnar Bjornsson/Kai Spiekermann
Realism and Twentieth Century British Political Thought Edward Hall/Paul Sagar/James Hodgson
Sustainability and Green Politics John Barry/ Sara Kallock
Systems Theory and Critical Theory Kevin Gray
The Procedural Dimension of Justice Emanuela Ceva
Thinking ‘The Economy’ Lisa Herzog/Christian Neuhauser
Well-Being and Public Policy Sam Wren Lewis/Timothy Taylor

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