Sustainability and Green Politics

Exploring the ‘Green Framework’

Environmental issues are fast becoming a central and pressing concern of the political landscape. The ‘Green Framework’, is comprised of an emphasis on both Green ‘issues’ and the development of the Green ‘approach’. It is being invoked and provoking questions across an array of academic fields and traditions of scholarship. This workshop hopes to explore the possibilities of how Green issues and Green thinking are deployed in current efforts of political scholarship.

– Green economics.

– Green governance.

– Negotiating rights and environmental burdens.

– Preserving biodiversity.

– Constructing a sustainable ethos and social norms in a Green Age.

– The burdens presented by climate migration.

– Coping with the end of oil.

– Eco-feminism.

– Sexual rights and population control.

– Queer Theory and the Green framework.

– Theories of Recognition and the Green framework.

– Tensions in the Green Agenda.

– Green thinking and democracy.

– Sharing resources.

– Space exploration and the ethics of using the resources of other planets.

– Nuclear energy and human rights.

Papers from all academic subject areas are welcome. This workshop is open to any interested party and aims to be a supportive environment for younger scholars either in their postgraduate studies or early in their careers. For more information or to submit an abstract of 300 words, please contact and Sara Kallock and John Barry.

Abstract deadline June 14th, 2012.

Sara Kallock:

John Barry:


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